The MicroDynamics Team

Every organization knows the value of a good team.

Here are the managers, engineers, and technicians that make MicroDynamics the best in the printing industry.


Carl powell, chairman

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of MicroDynamics, I work closely with the executive management team to set the overall strategic direction of the company.  I believe strongly in developing strategic plans based upon the company’s strengths and market opportunities and determining actionable and measurable steps to achieve the goals of the plan.  My focus since becoming Chairman of the Board has been to fully utilize the strong innovative capabilities of executive team to produce superior products with strong return on investment potential.  I believe strongly in growth through strategic collaborations.


larry ridgeway, president

My job is all about relationships: with our customers, with our suppliers, and perhaps most importantly, with our employees.

I am constantly working to create a work environment where our employees can thrive.  Our team is exceptional; they truly are the reason for our success.

Our drive for excellence and innovation is guided by our customers’ needs.  Our customers’ successes are our successes; we strive to provide them with the highest quality product, often with tight deadlines.  We take pride in our workmanship and innovative offerings.

When not at the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our three children.


john bearden, chief technology officer

My passion is innovation. As a founder and as Chief Technology Officer of MicroDynamics, it’s my responsibility to encourage an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organization. I strive to ensure we push ourselves beyond regularly accepted borders and restraints to produce the best instruments in the printing industry.  Some think that innovation is impossible in certain industries, but at MicroDynamics we always prove them wrong.  We like challenges and look beyond barriers for new possibilities.


Dave Roberts, chief Engineer

For me, it’s all about bringing innovation to our customers.  There’s nothing better than hearing again and again how our products have helped them save money and be more efficient.

At MicroDynamics you’ll find an enthusiastic team that is driven to make our products even better and faster.  We’re the leader in the industry not only because of our technology, but because we’re genuinely excited to be doing what we’re doing.

When I am not designing optics or coding, you’ll find me with my wife, son, and our golden retriever.


brent zurcher, product engineer

Better tools, data, and processes are critical to innovation and improvement, but ultimately it’s people who make it happen.  Great products start with a relationship.

Listening to customer perspectives and spending time with the end user are critical parts of our approach at MicroDynamics.  As a product engineer, I strive to turn an understanding of the user's perspective into a solution that brings true value to the person that needs it.  Knowing our products bring new capabilities to the industry and make our customers’ lives easier drives what I do.

When I'm not at work, you'll find me immersed in the hobby of the day - fly fishing, golf, building, or getting outside.


Ken holizna, service and support manager

I like using my industry experience to help printers and process engineers translate product knowledge into quality goals, product analysis, and return on investment.  Ensuring that a customer’s 3DQC is at peak performance and supporting them with training and advice gives me the opportunity to contribute to great customers in a great industry.

We understand how important high-quality QC measurements are for high-quality printing.  Our support team thrives on helping customers resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Outside the office, you’ll find me with my wife, five children, and seven grandchildren.  I’m passionate about my relationships with God, wife, family, and Church.


dalton perry, production engineer

Understanding a design from every angle is critical to delivering a finished product with exceptional quality.  Having worked in various roles since MicroDynamics started, I’ve had a chance to get my hands on just about all aspects of developing the products, from manufacturing and assembly to service and repair.

At MicroDynamics, we believe an intelligent, quality-driven production process is the bridge between the design and final function of a product - and that’s where my passion for building comes through.  We take great pride in the build-quality of our products.

When I’m not in the MicroDynamics labs, I’m a full time student at Kennesaw State studying Mechanical Technology.  When I do have time, I like to hike, fish, do metal- and woodworking, and shoot sport.


brian lee, production engineer

I’ve been at MicroDynamics for a while, starting as an intern while I was in high school.  A couple of years after graduating I enlisted in the Marine Corps as an avionics tech working on weapons, navigation, and other electronics systems on attack helicopters.  I’m fortunate to find myself back here building microscopes and developing new products for our customers.

We take the quality of our products seriously at MicroDynamics because we know our customers depend on our scopes.  It’s great to know they are out there helping customers produce the best products. 

Outside of work, I am a full-time Mechanical Engineering student at Kennesaw State University.  I also try to work on my cars, mostly just to make sure they run.


brandon baker, service technician

When a scope comes in for service, we get to it immediately because we understand that our 3DQC RollScope is a vital part of our customer's operation.  It's not a surprise to me that every single scope we've built is still out there working hard more than a decade later.  We build them well and work hard to keep them in top shape.

When I'm not ordering parts or working on scopes, I'm busy pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Mary mathena, director of accounting

My role at MicroDynamics t is complex and ever-changing; my duties run the gambit from office management to accounts payable and receivable.  I enjoy working with a team of individuals who strive for excellence every day. Our staff continually impresses me with their superb customer service and the most innovative metrology instruments in the industry.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors.