MicroScan:  Power at your fingertips.

Precision measurements require sophisticated software to control the microscope and process the data.  Our MicroScan software has been under continuous improvement for more than a decade as we add customer-inspired features and capabilities.  Microscope control, data collection, visualization, database...it's all there in one easy-to-use package.

Operations Scan Setup 10x Anilox Roll.JPG

3DQC Rollscope control

Get your 3DQC RollScope ready to make a measurement here.  Adjust focus, set exposure parameters, and snag a quick snapshot for your report here.  When you start a measurement, the 3DQC will quickly and smoothly scan the surface in steps as fine as a hundredth of a micron.  That kind of resolution is needed when you're precisely measuring something that's finer than a hair, and only the most advanced software and hardware is capable of pulling it off.



Seconds after completing the scan, the measurements appear on the screen.  Average cell depth, screen count, volume, screen angle, and more are calculated from the precision scan measurements.  Measure individual features and see cross sections of the surface along any line you can draw on the image.  No need to write anything down.  We put all these numbers in a customizable database for you and put them in a nice report for your records.

Operations Scan Data 3D Image 10x Anilox Roll.JPG


Generate a 3D map of the roll surface with just one click.  Roll it around, zoom in and out, get a really good look at that expensive cylinder surface before it leaves the washer and heads for the press.  The speed of the 3DQC makes it possible to move all over that cylinder to examine potential problems and check volume uniformity.


audit analysis page

Volume changes as the roll surface wears down.  The MicroScan Audit Analysis Page lets you monitor the volume as the roll wears and also lets you review the measurement history of the roll.  Every roll in the inventory can be precisely tracked with ease.


built-in database

More information equals better decisions.  We save all data from every scan directly in the MicroScan database, giving you instant access to all your measurement records.  Our backup and export utilities also make it easy to protect and share data when you need it. 



Something changed and you don't know why?  Find out by comparing scans side by side.  3D and white light visualizations are provided along with critical measurements, all right where you can see them.  Just another way we are working to make your life easier.