New for 2017: The LaserQC RollScanner

Another first from MicroDynamics!  Our LaserQC RollScanner is a new, revolutionary tool for characterizing anilox and gravure rolls under 150 lpi. Incorporating a precision, high-speed laser scanner, the LaserQC blazes along the roll, covering a huge area and delivering precision results in seconds.

LaserQC Pic 640X513.jpg

Fast scanning for big stuff

Rolls with volumes of a couple of BCM or less require high magnifications so the cells are well-resolved.  That means small areas are scanned and that's where the 3DQC excels.

But what about the big, coarse stuff?  No problem!  The LaserQC makes short work of the big beasts with its large scan area and incredibly fast data collection.

Ruggedized for the printing plant environment, the LaserQC incorporates the same sophisticated design principles used in the MicroDynamics 3DQC RollScope. The MicroScan-L software adds to the suite of powerful MicroScan analysis algorithms to provide you with the numbers you need as fast as you need them.

This one is hot off the press (pun intended) so contact us for more information.


Screen count range

Depth resolution

Volume accuracy

Minimum roll diameter

Scan area

Scan time

150 lpi and below

0.1 microns

+/- 2%

50 mm

7 mm H X 5 mm V

Less than 10 seconds