Take Control of Your QC

You have millions of dollars a year flowing through those presses of yours, and each one of those things has more parameters to adjust than you can shake a stick at.  And it all starts with those anilox and gravure cylinders.  If you can't measure a cylinder's parameters, you can't control it, you can't optimize it, and you can't trust it.  Why leave your profit to chance?  Equip your plant with the best QC technology in the industry.


The 3dQC RollScope

The industry leader for more than a decade.  Characterize cylinders with screen counts ranging from 150 lpi to more than 1200 lpi.  Fast and accurate with a rapid return on investment.  It's everything you need to maintain that expensive cylinder inventory.

LaserQC Pic.jpg

The LaserQC RollScanner

Customer inspired!  The LaserQC is specifically designed for coarse cylinders with screen counts of 150 lpi or less.  With its large measurement area and high-speed scanning, the LaserQC is the tool of choice for analyzing those big anilox cylinders and specialty surfaces.