6 Reasons to Finance Your QC Instrument

The vast majority (78%) of businesses, from small entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, lease or finance their equipment.  Our financing program makes it easy to get MicroDynamics technology working for you as fast as possible.

Save Cash

Your business has many priorities.  Financing lets you save your cash for other things like expansion, improvements, marketing, or R&D.

Finance 100%

Arrange 100% financing of your 3DQC and LaserQC with 0% down payment.

Accelerate Return on Investment

Rather than paying all at once, make smaller payments while your 3DQC and LaserQC reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

Customize Your Terms

Set customized payments to match your cash flow.

Benefit from Bundling

Bundle equipment, training, service and more into a single, easy-to-manage solution.

Keep Up To Date

We're constantly improving our products. Keep up to date as the MicroDynamics family of solutions grows.

Get MicroDynamics technology working for you today.  Contact us at 770-924-2770 or drop us a note to find out more about our financing program.