The 3DQC - Leading the Way

MicroDynamics has been the leader in cell volume measurement in the flexographic and gravure printing industries for more than a decade. The 3DQC RollScope is highly optimized to meet the needs of the printing market. Unlike competitors, the 3DQC provides accurate, repeatable cell volume measurement that is critical to the production process and achieving the desired results.


Still the fastest. still the best.

The 3DQC set the standard for volume measurement and is unequaled in performance.

  • Ultra-precision white light interferometry
  • Resolution as fine as 0.01 microns
  • Anilox, flexo, and gravure: the 3DQC does it all
  • Non-contact technique avoids roll damage
  • Small size: Only 7.25" by 8.5" by 3"
  • Quick-zoom: Zoom in by 1.25X or out by 0.75X at the flip of a switch
  • High-power LED light source for years of hassle-free operation
  • No consumables required for measurements
  • Minimal training and maintenance costs
  • Simple to operate

Superb optics for accurate results

We designed our interferometric objectives to withstand the demands of the production floor. The objective sets the field of view, magnification, and working distance of the 3DQC.  It also determines how sloped the surface can be and our objectives enable you to measure the steepest slopes in the industry.  Objectives are available off the shelf in 2X, 4X, 10X, and 20X magnifications with others by special order.

10X Interferometer.JPG