We make the fastest, highest resolution, highest accuracy QC instruments in the printing industry


Up-time is money and if the press isn't running like it should be, your customers aren't happy and your company isn't making money.  You can't afford to be without the best QC technology available.  Find out how our instruments and software can help keep your presses running smooth as silk.



Our Instruments

Anilox, gravure, flexo...we handle it all with the 3DQC roll inspection microscope and the blazing fast LaserQC roll scanner.

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Our Software

Precise measurements generate critical data.  Scan.  Process. Report.  Our MicroScan software also helps you manage your roll inventory to keep you up and running without missing a beat.

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Used by the Best

Our customers are committed to quality.  We are proud that our instruments help them to produce the best products.